Keeping Kids Cool In Extreme Heat

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Keeping Kids Cool In Extreme Heat

Summer has arrived in Germany and we are experiencing the most extreme heat that we have ever encountered whilst travelling with our kids. Temperatures have been rising to 44 degrees in the shade with high levels of humidity and I have some seriously grumpy kids to deal with! So what do you do when you want to travel and enjoy the sun when you have kids? Here are our top 5 tips.

1. Freeze Clothes & Accessories

If you are staying in accommodation that has a fridge freezer then keep a ledge free to pack in t-shirts, caps, flannels and dummies for a few hours. Popping on an icy cap or t-shirt brings instant relief to hot little heads. A frozen flannel can be used to treat sun stroke. Don’t forget to store your suntan lotion and after sun in the fridge too as this…

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